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hagane_bean's Journal

15 May 1988
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Ah yes.. the bio section of the user info. Everyone fills it out eventually, with dozens of color bars, idiocy, or something that actually tells you something about their personality.

But I'm a nice person, and I'll give you all three.

I think I'll start with a little bit about who I am, though before you give into my whims and desires. <3
In perfect honesty, I can't describe who I am without using three or four pages worth of typing and giving you my life story. Because I'm the kind of person that seems to be just like everyone else, but once you wait around a little while, I turn out to be fucking insane XD I have a whole lot of different sides to me and I spend a lot of time on each one. It's better to keep 'em guessing.

Most of my joural entries are friends only, but there's the occasional entry that I forget to put on FO so if I seem like fun or a good lay friend, comment and I'll stalk you observe you for a bit before I friend you back to make sure you're not an ass hat. :D >> And I've nearly taken up four pages as I dreaded so... yeah. :D

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And the colour bars:

Made by: xkissandtell

Made by: xkissandtell

Made by: xkissandtell

Made by: xkissandtell

:D And for a little more information on me

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User Number: 6777556
Date Created:2005-04-12
Number of Posts: 547

The rare Bean has learned much about strength and socialization with surroudning tribes. The Bean has grown to adapt to new situations much more easily than we previously observed. She also appears to have begun to search for a mate, even after many previous rejections to her attempts. The Bean can only move forward, and we look forward to seeing the outcome.
Strengths: The Bean has a very strong sense of devotion to those she becomes close to. For those lucky individuals, she offers eternal protection.
Weaknesses: This devotion, unfortunately, also causes the Bean hurt. Because despite the attachment she has, she lacks the ability to express her feelings properly.
Special Skills: Uke-fu, puppy eyes, high pitched squealing, endless coffee consumption.
Weapons: When angry enough, she will punch and throw things. Occasionally she will bite. Hard.
Stomach Contents: Coffee, coffee, cream pie, coffee, baby, coffee.

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