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Has anyone else been painfully bored this weekend? I'm so bored. I can't wait for tomorrow because at least there's that slight unpredictability.

I'm hoping I can get mom to take me to K-mart or somewhere to get some bad ass headphones. Ever since I downloaded the Death Note OST and listened to the first song, I've wanted some. XD My current ones work nicely, but y'know what kind I'm looking for. Also, i want to see if I can get a head set for my computer. Most of the reason why I never Skype anymore is because the mic is a pain in the ass. Maybe if I can't find anything at K-mart for the latter, I'll stop by Radio Shack tomorrow after school. Ooo.. and I'll spend some of my Starbucks gift card. <3 Perfect.

XD No wonder I'm so bored. *wanders off*
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*thumbs up* Beat KH2 not too long ago. Feelin' kinda head achy and groggy so if I have any thoughts other than the keyboard mashing and teary faces I made at Ten, I'll post them tomorrow. XD;

Also? I need to remember to ask my mom to renew my account.
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Pretty much the only people I've talked to about this are Lelly, and my mom because they're the only people I ever talk to in the morning. XD But for the last-- I dunno. Month? Maybe two? I've had a spot on my foot that is occasionally extremely painful. I normally limp a little bit when I don't wear shoes, and after I pick my foot up from standing solidly on a surface for an extended period of time (ie:shower) I almost cry out with pain. What's more strange, is the spot appears to be nothing more than a regular callus. Though lately, a sort of hole has developed in the center of it. Also, it hurts more in the morning. Usually even without my walking on my foot.

Any thoughts?

In other news. I want my vacation back. XD I don't mind going to school, but I'm already missing the absurd amounts of time I was able to talk to my friends. Oh well! *trots off*
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